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Sushi Cyu Ryo
a new Omakase that delivers
modern delights rooted
in tradition

Ryo represents the minimalism atmosphere and refreshing dining experience. The restaurant features an 8-seat dining area where diners can watch the chef up close as he expertly prepares their food as well as explains the cooking techniques. 

The Omakase set emphasizes fresh, seasonal ingredients flown directly in from Toyosu fish market. All courses are prepared with a careful balance that gives diners a new perspective on classic dishes with modern cooking techniques and presentations, but still retains
the essence of traditional omakase.

Sushi Cyu Ryo sources the best quality teas from boutique tea farms in Japan in collaboration with artisanal tea farmers. For our iced tea, we use cold brewing method to bring out the aroma and umami flavor of the tea while minimizing bitter taste aftertaste. We listed teas according to our omakase course. Rotating tea list seasonally.

Sushi Cyu Ryo is also offering a wide selection of wines and sakes to accompany the omakase course. A wine pairing is also available, with carefully selected wines chosen to best suit the Omakase menu

in each season. 

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